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Thanks to West Michigan USBC for hosting the tournament this year

Standings are listed below


February 20 & 27
Squads at Noon
Doubles and Singles event


We had 76 bowlers this year.

We presented Justin Wolters with the Bruce Bruursema Scholarship.

The kids and adults had a great time and 90% of the kids beat their adult partners.

Just a few highlights from the tournament were a 300 game bowled by Scott Smith along with a 278 in another set. Todd Dalman and Matt Fortney also shot 278 games. For the ladies Kim Smith shot a 257and Courtney Garvelink shot a 245. Katelyn Fortney with 119 average shot a 433 series. Peyton Beverwyk shot a 551 and she and Rachel Handwerg and Peyton and Skylar Beverwyk tied with 1404 series. Bella Wilson shot a 450 series. Hunter Halcome 144 average shot a nice 201 game.

Boys senior 1 A

* Justin Wolters and Dan Faber 1232

Junior 2 A

* Dillon and Josh Barnes                      1421

* Teaghen and Shawn McClintock      1409

  Hunter and Ricky Halcome                1352

  Cayden and Chris Brummels            1342

  Eloy Martinez Jr and Steve Lundy      1298

  Ethan Dirkse and Matt Fortney            1288

Prep 3 A

* Eli Wolters and Jeff Ball                        1385

* Kaydien Olsen and Jon Hamilton        1385

Logan Dirkse and Patrick Fortney          1334

Junior 2 B

* Dillon and Stacy Barnes                      1428

Noah VnaderVelde and Stacy Barnes    1325

Ethan Dirkse and Leesa Boetsma          1213

Prep 3 B

* Kaydien Olsen and Katie VanTuinen      1410

Logan Dirkse and Katelyn Fortney            1330

Girls 12 and up with Male

* Morgan and Scott Smith                          1545

* Shanna and Shane McDonnell                1523

* Brianna and Matt Fortney                        1521

* Rylee and Scott Smith                              1521

Rylee Smith and Todd Dalman                    1498

Alyssa and Patrick Fortney                          1474

Morgan Smith and Jeff Ball                          1446

Bella and Ed Wilson                                      1353

Peyton and Chris Beverwyk                          1352

Maddison and Shawn McClintock              1321

Peyton and Brent Beverwyk                          1317

Girls 12 and up with female

* Alyssa And Katelyn Fortney                        1460

* Rylee and Kim Smith                                    1442

Morgan and Kim Smith                                  1427

Peyton Beverwyk and Rachel Handwerg      1404

Peyton and Skylar Beverwyk                          1404

Brianna and Renee Fortney                            1367

Bella Wilson and Misty Keigley                      1363

Alyssa and Amber Fortney                            1255

Girls 11 and under with female

*Leelynn And Courtney Garvelink                  1432

Kensi and Sandy Garvelink                              1330

Kensi and Courtney Garvelink                          1328

Leelynn and  Sandy Garvelink                          1303

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