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We support BVL- a charity that gives back to our Veterans

Thanks to ALL who contributed

For the 2023-2024 season $ 6174.15 was collected with the help of our bowlers

We passed the PINK PIG in several leagues, and we want to thank them as well...

Tri-City  $ 504.00
Suburban- $ 277.00
Starlite and Sunshine $ 263.00
Saturday Night Fever   $209.00
West Ottawa - $ 177.00
Business Men's  $ 159.00
Northern Lights  $ 129.00
Rich Dalman Memorial  $ 125.00
Northland Select $ 94.00

Listed below are the names of bowlers who donated the cost of their earned award to the BVL   2023-2024 Season

300 Games

Keone Bareng

Todd Dalman

Paul Duff Jr.

Ward Grigsby

Scott J. Smith

Bob Zuverink

800 Series

Nick Kooienga

Bob Zuverink

700 Series Women

Jordan Kirkland

Katie VanTuinen

11 Strikes In A Row

Jeremy Baum

Virgil  Fuerst

Ward Grigsby

Ryan Janes

Charlie Kirkland

John Levendosky

Brian Morren

Casey Morren

Keith Schramm      

Nick Walker


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To brighten the lives of America’s veterans and active duty men and women through recreational and therapeutic programs and services.

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